5G - A Humanitarian Crisis - Nicolya Christi

Dearest Friends, In my new book, (details forthcoming), I briefly touch upon the perilous 5G scenario humanity is now facing. Scientists and doctors throughout the world have called for a…


Thoughts Of A 'Mostly Raw' Vegan

Here are a few of my own thoughts on the raw food phenomenon that is sweeping the alternative community.  My personal stance is to keep it simple, clean, eco-green, and mostly raw, with a good dose of yellow (Sun) and blue (Sky or Ocean). I often wonder how natural it is, for example, to ingest 2kg of kale or six bananas as part of one serving of a green juice or a fruit smoothie. I also wonder about all the goodness that is lost from the roughage that is discarded as pulp. I am not too sure that Nature intended for us to consume such vast quantities of fruits and vegetables in one hit.


The Roots of Our Being: The Rich Fertile Soil of Our Soul

I just had to perform some emergency surgery on three of my plants, and also repot them, given that they had not fared too well in my four month absence. As I gently and patiently removed the old clogged and waterlogged soil in order to free their roots before replanting, I began to think about this process as a metaphor for life...