OpenSpace Meetings are essentially online ‘open mic’ events in which participants are invited to consciously explore personal and social/global evolutionary processes with Nicolya. Meetings take place within a group setting either online or at a specified public venue. Nicolya invites participants to pose questions to open a dialogue with her, who is then able to  initiate a deeper communication as the presenting issue unfolds. Merely by sitting in such a transformational field, those attending are afforded an opportunity to learn, heal, evolve, and transform.

Please note

  • All OpenSpace times and dates are CET (Central European Time Zone) times, currently held at:

    15:30 GMT (16:30 CET / 17:30 SAST / 21:00 IST / 07:30 MDT / 11:30 EDT)

    If you are not residing in Western Europe, convert your local time to find out exactly when these events commence - click here.
  • An OpenSpace meeting requires 3 or more registered participants to attend online for the meeting to go ahead. Once the minimum participant level (3 participants) for OpenSpace meeting is reached, the OpenSpace admin will contact you with the date and time for the meeting, including instructions for how to connect online.
  • Once you register, you have your place reserved for the next OpenSpace meeting. If you are able to, you can join Nicolya live online, or if you cannot attend in person, you will be able to download and listen to the OpenSpace session in your own time after the event (you will be provided with a download link for the audio).
  • If there are insufficient live attendees when the OpenSpace meeting commences, all current registrants will be transferred to the next available OpenSpace meeting.
  • 100% registration fee refund is available to all registered participants before an OpenSpace Meeting is scheduled. Once the next OpenSpace date and time is set, refunds are no longer available. In the case where a lack of required minimum live participants have registered, you will automatically be transferred to the next OpenSpace meeting. If exceptional circumstances preclude you from joining the next or another Meeting, please contact the OpenSpace admin in writing for a full refund.