The Twelve Foundation Stones for a New Paradigm

Conscious Co-Creation

Conscious Co-Creation
Conscious Co-Creation

A new paradigm that speaks of a new consciousness and is founded in unity is one that is also consciously co-creative. We are all co-creators and we have been co-creating for millennia. However, for the most part, we have been co-creating from fear and negative conditioning. Throughout history, human beings have been unconsciously co-creating a dysfunctional world and therefore one that cannot sustain peace. When we look back in time, and even when considering the global situation in these current times, we can see that it is fear and conditioning that have kept humanity from peace and true freedom. By aligning our thoughts with unity consciousness and love we can co-create a new global reality.

We have reached a watershed in our conscious evolution and find ourselves on the threshold of a new epoch for humanity, a new paradigm that is defined by a new Consciousness. For those who have committed to a journey of conscious evolution, the time is ripe for embracing this new epoch founded upon conscious evolution, conscious communication and conscious co-creation. Conscious co-creation is a collaborative and co-supportive experience catalyzed through deep understanding and conscious awareness.

Our own conscious evolution is key to our capacity to consciously co-create for as we psychologically heal and consciously awaken so it is that our attention and focus begin to shift from our personal evolution to the bigger picture - global evolution. We come to realise how our thoughts, intentions and actions co-create the global situation. We begin to feel an powerful urge to participate in the co-creation of a better world.

Creating Reality Consciousness

When we are psycho-spiritually integrated and living as our authentic selves we are fully present in each moment and consciously creating our reality. Many who have attained this level of awareness and have reached this stage of their personal evolution report that if they ask for, think of, or need something, it manifests immediately or within a very short while.


The psycho-spiritual journey consists of moving through many layers inner layers in the quest to become who we really are. It also serves the process of de-conditioning from the family myths and cultural identities we have had projected onto us. As we begin to decondition from the illusion and myth under which we have been operating, we cease to act as if we are on automatic pilot and disconnect from all that does not serve world peace. We empower ourselves, we find our authentic voice, and we reconnect to a deep sense of meaning and higher purpose.

Our Thoughts Manifest as Reality

When we are living from a place of integration, balance and awareness we understand that our thoughts do indeed manifest our reality. Because of this it is our responsibility to ensure that every thought, word, action, and deed is a conscious one.

To be co-creative is to be active, even if not in the physical sense. The feelings and the mind are important forces for creation. Various experiments have been conducted around the globe in the past decades that reveal that it only takes a small number of the population to significantly affect a larger scale shift in consciousness: It has been proven that if just seven thousand people meditate together, then, for that entire time, crime rates and admissions to hospital emergency rooms reduces by up to seventy-five percent.


When we live from the True Self and are consciously awakened a natural phenomenon of remembrance occurs. We begin to remember who we really are. We begin to realize that we are the creators of our own reality. We recall that we are the choosers and that our choices not only shape our own lives, but the lives of others too. We understand that we are Conscious co-creators of a new paradigm.