The Twelve Foundation Stones for a New Paradigm

Conscious Co-Operation

Conscious Co-Operation
Conscious Co-Operation

Conscious co-operation is, fundamentally, about people “co-operating” with each other. It can often be seen in action where danger poses a very real threat to human life. People band together as humanitarians in the spirit of all for one and one for all.

Conscious co-operation has Consciousness at its heart. For any act of support that is driven by the heart and soul with a specific aim of helping to ease the suffering of a fellow human is co-operation with Consciousness.

For millennia, heart-centered human beings have naturally and instinctively sought to protect each other. This is an inborn quality of the heart. However, most people have never paused to really understand the why or how of their capacity for altruism in the face of suffering or co-creation. For the main part, co-operation has been an instinctive urge, most noticeable during wars, natural disasters, and in tragic or traumatising events that call for people to unify and pull together. Yet, as we become more and more Conscious, we are able to contemplate the why and the how behind our desire to be a Conscious co-operator.

There is another level of co-operation that we could term Conscious responsiveness. This is a Conscious co-operation inspired by an intuitive response that compels us to offer ourselves in loving support to assist friends, family, neighbours and community with the tasks, projects, duties and responsibilities they are charged with.

Conscious co-operation does not ask us to turn the other cheek but requires us to stay alert to those areas of life where our support might ease suffering.

Conscious co-operation brings to the foreground another level of response - our capacity to do so not from a survival mentality but purely from choice and joy. This makes it possible to ease suffering can often be found on our very own doorstep.

Conscious co-operation could be described as an harmonious co-operative unifying principle involving two or more people. It is this expression of co-operating that fulfils our basic need to ease the suffering of others as well as to co-create. Co-operation becomes conscious when it involves mindfulness and awareness, when it notices and wishes to connect us to those around us. Conscious co-operation differs from Conscious co-support in the respect that it fulfils an innate basic instinct to ease suffering and co-create, whereas Conscious co-support is a natural instinct within us to reach out to support the needs of others.

Conscious co-operation is a joining of intent, energies and action for a greater cause. It invites us to look among our family and friends, to our neighbours, towards the community, and to the nation and the world, and wonder what we may do to ease the suffering that we encounter … and how we might co-create.


The psycho-spiritual journey consists of many layers as we reclaim who we really are. It also serves as a process to decondition us from the family myths and cultural identities we have had projected upon us and, albeit unconsciously, taken on. As we begin to decondition from the illusions under which we have been operating, we start to align with our own truth, and to see just what is happening in our personal world and in the greater environment. We cease to act as if we are on automatic pilot and begin to disconnect from that which is disempowering and does not serve a global peace. We turn our attention to how we can best serve the living world around us. We empower ourselves, we find our voices, and we reconnect to a sense of deeper meaning and greater purpose.

Our Thoughts Manifest as Reality

When we are living from a place of integration, balance and awareness we understand that our thoughts do indeed manifest our reality. Because of this it is our responsibility to ensure that every thought, word, action and deed is a Conscious one.

To be co-creative is to be active, even if not in the physical sense. Our feelings, our imaginations and our minds are the centrifugal force of creation. It takes only a small number of the population to significantly affect global consciousness. (Refer to my book 2012: A Clarion Call to read about this in detail.) What has been proven is that if just seven thousand people meditate together crime rates and accident admissions to hospital emergency rooms reduce by seventy-five percent. Remember this whenever you find yourself thinking that nothing can be influenced by the power of your own thoughts. Your thoughts, intentions and actions profoundly affect global reality every second of every day. Change your thoughts and you fulfil your part to co-create a new and auspicious paradigm.