The Twelve Foundation Stones for a New Paradigm

Conscious Co-Support (links)

Conscious Co-Support (links)
Conscious Co-Support (links)

Conscious co-support invites us to be mindful of others and to do our best to meet their needs, if we so choose. It is all about caring and sharing, loving and supporting, and  engaging in random acts of kindness; from offering to walk someone’s dog, watering a neighbour's plants, feeding a friend's cat, etc.

It may involve giving an elderly or a physically challenged neighbor a lift to and from the shops or indeed doing their shopping for them and helping them around the home.

It could be carrying a heavy load to/from their car, or offering the few extra pennies or dollars someone is short of in the supermarket queue.

Conscious co-support amounts to any act that supports another at a personal level and makes their life that little bit easier, sunnier, and more joyful. It invites us to give of ourselves unconditionally; to give without any “shoulds,” “oughts,” or personal agendas. Conscious co-support equates to a sincere desire to bring peace of mind to another. Conscious co-support, like Conscious co-operation, is a unifying act. It fosters a heart connection as well as a deepening capacity within us for loving Self-care, and this enhances our relationship with life.

Conscious co-support carries no trace of The Seven Dark Arrows. It does, however, uphold all of the qualities of The Seven Light and Seven Rainbow Arrows.

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