The Twelve Foundation Stones for a New Paradigm



Equality equates to the equal rights of all, irrespective of age, race, creed, gender, religion, social position, political affiliation, physical ability or disability, or sexual orientation.

Equality is a fundamental human right for the very fact that we are human implies that we are all equal.

As a foundation stone for a new paradigm consciousness, equality does not simply refer to human rights but also to the rights of all beings, whether sentient or not.

Many feel that the meaning of equality is that all are treated as equals in every way. Taken literally, however, this could result in the co-creation of a generic society where there was no individuality or uniqueness of expression.

The equality of a New Consciousness gives equal opportunities to all, and all are treated as equals. Yet the unique characteristics, nature and needs of each person must also be celebrated, honoured, valued and respected.

If we were all to be treated as equals how would we honor and respect our differences? We are different. We have different needs and requirements, different visions for our lives and different goals and dreams. We are different by nature: Some are quiet, while others are the life and soul of the party. Some are deep, soulful and contemplative, whereas others are fun loving, and the proverbial 'rays of sunshine'. Some like to be in company, others like to be alone. So, if one who prefers to be alone was expected to be an entertainer at an event, or one who likes to entertain was required to sit in studious contemplation because it demonstrated that we are equal, then the diverse nature of human beings would be lost to us, along with the rich tapestry that it weaves. It is fundamental that there is unity in diversity.

For just a moment let us imagine a generic equality. Think of going out for a meal for example, and all ordering the same food, or imagine us all having the same car and all being dressed in exactly the same way. With a generic equality we are promoting duality, not unity. As fundamentally creative forces, individuals would have become robots and the rich palette of emotions and the wonderful landscapes, soundscapes and technicolour worlds we each create would be nowhere to be seen. This would ultimately lead to friction and separation, for equality, if established in the literal sense, would prove counterproductive as generic equality is repressive and not at all liberating.

So, what constitutes true equality? The equality to which the twelve foundation stones for a new paradigm speak of is unifying and encourages individuals to discover who they really fulfil why they are really here, and celebrate their differences.

True equality considers everyone. It seeks to meet the needs of the individual, while, at the same time, establishing a system that also meets the overall needs of the collective. True equality invites each of us to view the other through the lens of an open heart and to recognize that we are all human and humane.

Physically, emotionally, mentally, psychologically, energetically and spiritually, we are all made of the same basic human and cosmic matter. In this we are no different. We all have emotions and feelings. We have a brain and a mind. We have a history, karma, and this current life. We all are made up of energy and have the same energetic systems, bodies and energy fields. We are all souls incarnate as spiritual beings having a human experience. The gender, nationality, and color of our skin in this life is the choice we have each made at soul level in order to heal, grow, awaken and evolve.

True equality values difference and therefore celebrates the beautiful rich tapestry and diversity that is the human being.