The Twelve Foundation Stones for a New Paradigm

Non-Monetary Transactions

Non-Monetary Transactions
Non-Monetary Transactions

A non-monetary exchange equates to an exchange that does not involve money of any kind. Non-monetary transactions are the sharing of items, resources, time, expertise, support, and love.

Non-monetary transactions invite us to experience the true value of something in terms of how much love and peace it brings to our own or another’s world. For example, mowing someone’s lawn could be an exchange for someone helping to fix the gutter on your house. We could help a person solve a problem in return for them baking us a cake or cooking us a meal. Minding each other’s children could be an exchange for a lift to to the dentist or doctor, for example. These are all non-monetary transactions that support both parties and cultivate deeper connections, new friendships, meaningful relationships and interactions with our neighbours, in our local communities, or at our job of work.

It is sad to see how common it is now for parents or their children to use money as a bribe so that beds can be made, the dog can be walked, or some “peace and quiet” can be bought. When we offer our time and our good intention to another, without a need or expectation for payment, the value of this far exceeds monetary exchange. When we give of ourselves from the heart, without a care for financial renumeration, our heart swells, we feel elevated somehow, like we are walking on air, and we enjoy a pure experience of our own or another’s innate goodness.

Non-monetary exchanges are an essential social medicine for the healing of the separation that money has created between people. Monetary exchanges can unify, yet, more often than not, they cause separation. Our current approach towards money needs to change. If we continue to maintain old paradigm attitudes we will remain caught in duality consciousness. Unity consciousness asks us that we share, give from our heart and soul, not just from a wallet.

Non-monetary transactions are the way to bond people, families, communities and nations together at a heart level. The core experience of these transactions is the feel-good factor that they bestow. I once came across a story of a woman who by profession is a teacher of art and the piano. However, people were no longer able to afford her lessons. The students dearly wished to continue studying with her so their parents were willing to offer food and gardening services as an exchange. This was mutually beneficial and respectful and met the needs of both parties.