The Twelve Foundation Stones for a New Paradigm

Unconditional Giving, Receiving and Doing

Unconditional Giving, Receiving and Doing
Unconditional Giving, Receiving and Doing

Gandhi once said that if a thief tries to rob the coat off your back, give it to them, for they need it more than you.

Unconditional giving and doing is to give and do without expectation of receiving in return. The First Nations Peoples refer to this form of giving as “a giveaway”, where one is invited to give away something that is most precious to them as a true act of giving. This is also a practice of non-attachment and unconditional giving.

Giving away something we no longer need is a throwaway, not a giveaway.

We live in a world that measures value by paper, metals or plastic, (ie notes, coins and credit cards). The value of presence, love, compassion, empathy, understanding and an individual's time often remain overlooked or unacknowledged. The pure qualities of the human heart are seldom recognised as a valued exchange in the same way as that of a material exchange.

A new paradigm invites us not to overvalue the development of the intellect and its material manifestations but to instead prioritise the intelligence of the heart and its qualities and its capacity for bringing true beauty into lives.

If you are giving to another materially, then check with yourself what degree of attachment there is to some kind of repayment. How conditional or truly unconditional is your giving? What are your expectations or hopes from your giving? It is the giving from your heart, giving of your presence, and your time, that has the greatest value of all.

All giving is of equal value, whether it is giving money to one who needs to put food on the table, or giving empathy to one who is materially wealthy yet whose heart may be in pain.

Giving unconditionally, receiving unconditionally and doing unconditionally, is loving unconditionally.

True receiving is the experience of pure giving. Give without conditions, attachment or expectation and truly receive. Giving in unconditional love blesses all involved with the pure grace of joy, dignity and freedom.

When we give from our hearts we find that Source, Creator, God, Universe, Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Soul, the Heavens and Mother Earth give back to us a thousandfold, and her joy is that we are ready, with open hearts and open arms to receive her.