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Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love
Unconditional Love

What Is Unconditional Love?

When we speak of unconditional love, we understand this to constitute a state of loving unconditionally, come what may. When we meditate on it, we consider the evolutionary need to transcend our emotions and we contemplate our present capacity for doing so. We are mindful not to split off from our feelings in our quest to become a living embodiment of unconditional love – for doing so will only keep us caught in conditional love.

High Level Teachings – Unconditional Love and Integrated Neutrality

When we consciously seek to embody the very essence of unconditional love we arrive at an understanding that reveals how we must first attain a level of psychological integration, conscious evolution, and spiritual awakening. This is necessary before we are able to centre ourselves fully in unconditional love. Conscious evolution and spiritual awakening compel us (unconsciously) to attract intense and uncompromising life challenges that support and facilitate our psychological integration and karmic healing.

When we consciously choose to enter a deeper exploration of the profound spiritual teaching that is unconditional love, we can invite into our lives (consciously or unconsciously) the most extenuating and testing of situations and circumstances.

Integrated Neutrality

This is not to say that we cannot know great happiness without having arrived at this advanced level of spiritual development for indeed we can. However, the most boundless expression of inner peace, fulfillment, joy and harmony belongs to those who meet everything in life from a place of integrated neutrality and unconditional love.

So Far Out of Our Comfort Zones

Our evolutionary development will inevitably lead us to the more advanced levels of the teaching of unconditional love. And so it will transpire that we will be taken far out of our comfort zones into environments, realities and life experiences that appear to represent the polar opposite of our most soulful ideals. The embodiment of inner peace as a sustained reality can only be attained when we truly understand, master, and fully integrate the core teaching of unconditional love.

The Space In Between

Aligning and merging with unconditional love raises the Self to a level of consciousness where it cannot be pulled off centre. We are lifted up to merge with and become one with its pure essence. Our conscious connection with the Divine becomes an extrasensory, extraordinary, moment-by-moment, day-by-day, living reality. The unconscious, conscious, and super-conscious are aligned in perfect balance and harmony.

Whenever aspects of self (note small ‘s’ representing ego/inner wounding/un-integrated self) remain disconnected, split off, repressed or denied, one cannot be centered in a fully conscious and awakened relationship with Self, other/s or the world.

When we radiate as a pure expression of unconditional love, we recognize that unconscious and conscious ‘shadow’ material can no longer enter the psychic and energetic space between ourselves and another, and ourselves and the world. This is not dependent, however, upon the ‘other’ having achieved the same level of awareness as ourselves.

Unconditional love dissolves all that exists in the space between another and the Self. What once occupied this (unhealed, unprocessed and un-integrated shadow aspects of self) is replaced by a clear and tangible sense of All That Is, and this is all that is present in the psychic and energetic space.

This fertile and tangible space in between is a pure and true experience of heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul communion. Until one has arrived at a level of conscious evolution that facilitates the embodiment of such an elevated state, then the unintegrated human shadow will continue to fill the space between. The presence of unconditional love remains fundamental to our core healing, for karmic resolution, and for spiritual awakening.

The Evolutionary Shift from Compassion to Unconditional Loving Presence

In Latin, compassion means ‘to suffer with’. When we are feeling compassion, we are suffering with and are immersed in an alchemical process. We become like emotional blotting paper; an energetic sponge that absorbs and processes while we feel and seek to heal the story of suffering that is shared by another, and quite often mirrors our own.

Compassion affords us deep and immediate insight into ‘what the other may be feeling’. It gifts us a humbling opportunity to put ourselves in another’s situation and feel our way around their emotional landscape, and, by doing so, feel around our own. Compassion facilitates a mutual exchange that serves the highest good of those bonded by it. Such an exchange fosters communion (common-union) and is a pure and true offering of heart and Soul. When united in compassion (common-passion), we literally ‘go there’ with the one who is suffering.

Suffering produces many symptoms, the most common of which are sadness and anger and both are expressions of passion. Compassion allows us to make contact (consciously or unconsciously) with our own inner wounding or enables a felt-sense of what once was a resonant personal experience. It reveals and expands our capacity to express the deepest levels of love, humanity, tenderness and care. It connects us to our humility, and centres us in the field of human emotion. The latter is a necessary process, yet one we shall ultimately transcend on our journey towards enlightenment.

Compassion facilitates direct access to unhealed emotions, unresolved psychological wounding, karmic history, and core trauma, all of which are held within the physical, emotional and astral bodies and the psyche.

A Higher Octave – The Border to The Bridge of Awakening

Our conscious evolutionary journey propels us to ascend carrying us all the way to the border of The Bridge of Awakening where the higher levels of consciousness, frequency and vibration are to be found.

This Bridge of Awakening connects Self with Higher Self – the Conscious with the Super-Conscious. This evolutionary juncture is a pivotal threshold for it is the place where we transcend ‘me’ (self with small ‘s’), and embody ‘I’ (Authentic and Integrated Self). Transcending the emotional field is a prerequisite for being able to live from a higher octave of Feeling.

Conscious evolution propels us towards fully embodying unconditional love and integrated neutrality. Compassion is a fundamental psycho-spiritual developmental process - an instrumental evolutionary phenomenon to facilitate liberation from suffering with, as we evolve into living in loving neutrality with all that is.

As incarnated souls we have lived countless lives over eons of time. Layer upon layer of trauma memories remain held or hidden deep within the psyche, cellular memory and genetic blueprint. Each incarnation affords us an opportunity to heal these layers and ultimately dissolve suffering at a core level.

Responding with Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love is a High Level Teaching: Every thought, word, action or deed translates to being an expression (and teaching) of unconditional love. Every dysfunctional reaction and/or action that we experience conveys a higher calling from the Soul to the Self to align with and embody unconditional love. When another speaks against us or treats us with disrespect, we remain ever mindful of having a choice – which is to respond with Love, unconditionally.

Who Am I to Who I AM

Individuals working at this level may experience great challenging life circumstances and tests. Those who are able to rise to such challenges will undergo an extraordinary shift from who am I consciousness to Who I AM awareness. And so it is that the spiritual teaching of unconditional love will send to us the most arduous of trials and ordeals when the True Self recognises that it is ready for this level of initiation.

The Penultimate Level of Self-Realization

The ultimate teachings of unconditional love are not by any means light and fluffy. They call upon us to rise up and meet the most formidable of situations and to integrate and embrace the very essence of what unconditional love is, and to become enlightened by the darkness that may be encountered. They invite us to BE unconditional love.

An Evolutionary Leap into Unconditional Love

Unconditional love elevates us to such a level of awareness that the one who lives, sleeps and breathes it discovers they can step into any situation without reaction, attachment, personal agenda, condition or any (conscious or unconscious) drive to manipulate a desired outcome.

Through the teaching of unconditional love we encounter our innate and infinite capacity as pure love. Those who walk this path are Beacons of Light, even during the darkest of hours.

The Diamond Path to Enlightenment

Cultivating unconditional love as a core spiritual practice catalyzes an uncompromising and radical evolutionary push to our psychological edges. We are exposed to residual elements of our own hidden agendas, motivations, ulterior motives and strategies, conditions, attachments, unspoken needs and expectations, intricate and complex defense mechanisms and unconscious patterns that can only be dissolved in pure love.

Only when we have healed our historical wounds (including karmic) and integrated our psychological shadow can we fully embody living unconditional love at every level of our being. It is then that are we able to experience and express the full spectrum of our humanity and shine in our true identities as Divine Love. Only then do we step upon the Diamond Path to Enlightenment: This is a transcendental path that we reach when we have deeply understood the meaning and purpose of true compassion as an expression of true unconditional love.

In its pure essence, unconditional love infuses us with a deeply felt sense of peace, fulfilment and radiant wellbeing. Ultimately, it is unconditional love that will lift humanity out of its suffering.

Unconditional love is multi-layered from its outer levels to its inner core. Its core essence transmits a necessity for transcendence from compassion (suffering with) into fully embodied unconditional love and integrated neutrality.

Teetering on the Edge

If it feels as if life is throwing you a seemingly unending round of challenges and yet you continue to fly onwards and upwards into higher and higher levels of consciousness, frequency and vibration; if you continue to act only from purest intent; and if you have cultivated an unwavering capacity for unconditional presence in absolute neutrality in any situation, then your connection to Higher Self, Soul, and Spirit will strengthen and expand to whole new levels.

Even though you may feel exhausted by the intensity of those life circumstances that assail you at this pivotal juncture on your journey of enlightenment, understand that you may be teetering on the edge of living the very heart of pure unconditional love.

Know this – there is no lotus flower without the mud from which it grows. If you are as the lotus flower rising out of the mud, if you are a beacon of Light even in the midst of darkness, if you are able to remain centered in love no matter what, then know that something profound is unfolding; something so extraordinary that when you emerge from the other side of this transformational process you will never again be the same.

In transcending the level of consciousness that is preoccupied with the existential question of who am I to becoming anchored and centered in Who I AM, you will have truly liberated and lifted your Self into a whole new spiritual reality.

I conclude this sharing with a quote from Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov:

In certain people’s presence, when you see the expression on their face, how they look at you, and feel everything they radiate, the word that immediately springs to mind is ‘Light’. As if they were able to distil an imponderable substance in their heart and soul and then project it out in the form of Light. Or as if they had captured something of the Light diffused in space and had condensed it within them. Their whole body seems made of a translucent substance within which a flame is burning. For many this Light remains a great mystery, because they do not know it is the result of very real processes in the inner life: the Sage, the Initiate, has acquired it through constant work. From each thought, wish, feeling and action that they manage to make more disinterested, generous and purer, they extract an infinitesimal amount of Light. It is said in the Sacred Books that the human soul has the power to move the Heavens. Yes, the soul can shake the Heavens, but only through its desire to obtain Light. If it insists, God, who is Light, cannot refuse to give it.”

May we always remember – Love is the answer to everything.